• Andrea Balazova Andrea Balazova


    Bio: Girl in charge of @SWPrague! 3 years experience in SME support.

  • Kim Pham Kim Pham


    Bio: Born and bred Bostonian frolicking about Prague until June. Lover of #startuplife, electro-house beats, and passionate people. Tech monster lost in b-school.

  • Lukas Hudecek Lukas Hudecek


    Bio: Founder of @TheNode5. Former director of startup accelerator @startup_yard. Dog lover & startup lunatic. No drugs, just rock'n'roll! Avoid if possible, crazy individual! ;-)

  • Petr Bela Petr Bela


    Bio: Entrepreneur. Currently working nights and days on startup

  • Lucia Vaskova Lucia Vaskova


    Bio: Creative new media explorer working in and out of advertising. Organizes @TEDxPrague.

  • Jan Trybenekr Jan Trybenekr


    Bio: International business & entrepreneurship student, specialized in SMEs and passionate about innovations, travelling and ecology!

  • Jakub Zajic Jakub Zajic

    Bio: Corporate economics and management student. Currently student coach in Innovation Camp 2012. Experienced in Microfinance in India. Love Radiohead and travelling :-)