• Lukasz Mlodyszewski Lukasz Mlodyszewski

    Bio: Lukasz is a Global Business Development Manager at Entrepreneurial Poland - Business Link, responsible for supporting international expansion of Polish startups, but also increasing attractiveness of Poland to international entrepreneurs.
    Furthermore, he is responsible for Polish Entrepreneurial Embassies, currently in Shanghai and Silicon Valley.
    Furthermore, Lukasz is an Innovation Advisor at the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC). He has been the founder of two business startups: one in the financial sector and the second one in the SMEs environment.

  • Kushtrim Xhakli Kushtrim Xhakli

    Bio: Kushtrim Xhakli is an internet entrepreneur and in many aspects a brilliant generalist. In June 2007, with Ipko Institute, he launched a free e-learning education portal providing free access to ICT education in Kosovo. Kushtrim Xhakli is currently CEO of Fast Europe Ventures. Fast Europe Ventures is mobile payment company offering monetizing services to media publishers, advertisers and application developers. From February, 2010 Fast Europe Ventures represents UpCode 2D Bar Code technology in the Balkan market.

  • Ondřej Bartoš Ondřej Bartoš

    Bio: An entrepreneur, facilitator & enthusiast, business angel & venture capitalist, Ondřej experienced his first successful business endeavor before he graduated from college in 1996. Amongst all, he founded Tuesday Business Network. Works also as senior Investment Director in MCI Management. Now manages Credo Ventures.
    Specialties: strategy, business development, expansion, financing.

  • David Beska David Beska

    Bio: Senior consultant and mentor - Digital Media, Strategy, Performance and Change Management, MBA student at The Open University , MTB, cruisers bikes, Apple fan.

  • Michal Blaha Michal Blaha

    Bio:,, founder, serial entrepreneur, investor, racing driver, suzuki biker.

  • Tomas Zverina Tomas Zverina

    Bio: (@tomucha) technology director and co-owner of Multimedia atelier s.r.o., where he secures technological quality of projects for clients such as Wrigley\'s, Sapeli, Linet etc. He has won two AppParade awards with his applications.

  • Vit Vrba Vit Vrba

    Bio: Vit Vrba is a fouder of an online project which during its first three years gained over 5 000 000 users from all around the world. He has received a number of awards for his achievments in online business (e.g. Best online startup of the year 2008 from Le Web Conference). Recently he helps other starting entrepreneurs and as a mentor or speaker attends various international startup events.

  • Matej Ftacnik Matej Ftacnik

    Bio: Fouder and co-founder of a number of web and mobile startups like, and, organizes Startup Camp Bratislava and recently won the first place in for the best Startup in Slovakia in 2011. He also loves great whisky and awesome pitches.

  • Jan Sedivy Jan Sedivy

    Bio: After 18 years in the industry I have returned to the CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering to share my experience with students. My mission is: Education: Create and deliver top curricula for cloud computing, Internet application development, mobile computing etc. Research: Drive and help students committed to discovery and the application of science and technology. Entrepreneurship: Make a difference through, education, research, technology development, and dissemination of the results to industry. Create and cultivate entrepreneurial environment to help new high tech startups.

  • Radovan Andrej Grežo Radovan Andrej Grežo

    Bio: Radovan recently works as creative director at MUW Digital but most importantly he is a founding moron at StartupCamp. He took part as a co-organizer at TEDxBratislva and previously worked in Saatchi&Saatchi International and other media agencies.

  • Jarda Slavicinsky Jarda Slavicinsky

    Bio: Business driver and dealmaker. Co-founder of AskYou, upcoming event-based social application connecting people around the same interests.

  • Helena Prylowska Helena Prylowska

    Bio: A graphic designer specializing in corporate branding and digital media. The areas of her expertise include brand & corporate design, print design, as well as communications and interactive projects.

  • Cedric Maloux Cedric Maloux

    Bio: A business angel, adviser and entrepreneur. Cedric is the former VP Europe for PlanetOut, founder of and ex-CEO of

  • JD JD

    Bio: JD is founder and CEO (Creative Entrepreneurial Officer) of, recognised by Techcrunch as a top 100 global startup and Winner of Red Herring Top 100 Europe award. He is a serial entrepreneur and internet visionary having created numerous world firsts for the internet and mobile market. He played a key role in an internet startup that was successfully sold for over $40M. He has over 20 years experience in the Japanese market in business and as a TV celebrity presenting all his TV shows in fluent Japanese. JD, a Samurai at heart, is author of 2 books, and has been an internet pioneer since the mid 90′s always at the epicentre of where the Web meets Mobile & TV. He has audacious goals to improve the world with his new startup venture having recently raised over $1M to hire a Dream Team JD loves coaching motivated people to achieve their dreams, and is a huge apple fan! :)

  • Michal Hrabi Michal Hrabi

    Bio: Consultant and mentor for technology startups, project manager of StarCube, IT background, Kinect addict.